Why Greek food remains so popular the world over

Have you ever wondered why Greek food is so popular the world over? It used to be the case that Greek cuisine could only be truly and authentically indulged in if you made the effort to take a holiday in the beautiful mainland country or stunning islands of Greece, but in recent years Greek restaurants have sprung up all over the place, and Greek recipes have been posted online and included in recipe books with increasing regularity.

The reasons for the popularity of this cuisine are actually very simple. Perhaps the most important of these reasons is the healthy nature of Greek dishes. Heart disease and cancer rates in Greece are among the lowest in Europe and the Greek diet has much to do with explaining this statistic. The Greek diet mainly consists of fresh vegetables, fruit, and olive oil, with grilled meat and fish served almost as afterthoughts to these healthy staples. Perhaps that is why the diet appeals so strongly to those who follow vegetarian recipes.

Greek food is also extremely flavoursome, with the unique combinations of herbs and spices used in Greek recipes unrivaled in any other global cuisine. Among the most popular herbs used in Greek cookery are dill, oregano, mint, thyme, and rosemary, while hefty doses of garlic also boost heart health and brain power.

With many Greek dishes also containing healthy amounts of fiber and plenty of nutrients, it’s no wonder that this cuisine is becoming so popular the world over. Health benefits aside, the visual attraction of Greek dishes is clear for all to see. The colours of the fresh vegetables and fruits used in Greek cooking are stunning and a far cry from the limp specimens we see on our supermarket shelves.

With regional differences also coming into play, there’s something new to try every day in the world of Greek cuisine, while Greek feasts to celebrate festivals provide another appealing aspect. Easter Food in the country is a particular treat, and setting a “holiday table” full of food and drink is a custom at such a time in every household in the country.

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